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Gas powered go karts warning.  Empty

Gas powered go karts warning.

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PostBlackScorpion on Mon 15 Nov 2010, 11:48 am

Gas powered go carts should never be operated indoors as the exaust from the go kart engine contains carbon monoxide which is odorless, tasteless and extremely poisonous. This is a good reason to buy electric gocarts for young children instead of gas powered go karts, the fumes can make them violently ill as i have seen on occassion, even outdoors.

All kids go carts and adult go carts are not licensable and cannot by law be operated on public roads, highways, parking lots, sidewalks or alleys, adult go carts must be operated on private property or area specifically designated as go kart tracks, kids should be supervised when operating a kids go cart.

Go kart operating tips.

Check screws, nuts, bolts and linkages regularly on all off road go carts to ensure that your off road go kart is in a safe operating condition.Your go-cart engine must be kept of all dirt and muck, pay particular attention to the go cart throttle linkage area.

Go kart tire pressure should be checked prior to each use. The recommended inflation pressure of go cart tires is the maximum go cart tire pressure as printed on go kart tire's sidewall. Incorrect gokart tire pressure may result in instability and prevent proper braking and steering.
If you need to repair a go cart make sure that if you remove any of the listed guards to Replace them after the go kart repair has been done.

* Go kart chain guard
* Go kart belt clutch guard
* Go kart torque converter guard
* Go kart jack shaft guard.

These covers are for your protection. If any are removed for maintenance ensure that they are secured in place prior to running the gokart again.

Each time before using your gokart, the fuel supply should be checked. The go kart fuel tank should never be filled while the go karts engine is running or while the go karts engine is hot. Do not fill the go kart tank in a closed area such as a garage, while smoking, or in the vicinity of an open flame. Do not overfill the go-kart tank. Always follow the directions in the go carts engine owner’s manual. There should not be any fuel in the filler neck. Replace cap tightly to prevent spillage of fuel and potential fire hazard. After filling the go kart gas tank, move the go-cart at least 15 feet away from spot of filling before starting.

Safety with go carts.

If your go-cart should start making unusual noise or vibrating abnormally, the go karts engine should be stopped and the go cart spark plug wire disconnected. The go-cart should then be checked for damage. Excessive noise or vibration is generally a warning of loose or worn parts.
When storing your go-cart, it must be kept in a place where gasoline fumes will not reach an open flame or spark. For long period of storage, such as for winter, the go kart fuel tank should be drained in an open, cool area. The go carts engine must be allowed to cool before storage in any enclosure.

Read and keep all printed material supplied with your go kart. Timely and specific instructions and a go kart Operator's Manual. If any printed material or go kart manual included is unclear, contact your dealer/ retailer for assistance.

A single seat go kart is intended for 1 person a double seated go kart is for a driver and a passenger. No one should ever attempt to ride on any go kart without being seated, with the go cart seat belt properly secured. For double seat go carts ridden without a passenger, the passenger go kart seat belt must be secure to prevent it from getting caught up in operating components.

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