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Suburu Robin 6.5 Motor Governor Removal (No Images) Empty

Suburu Robin 6.5 Motor Governor Removal (No Images)

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PostBlackScorpion on Fri 15 Jul 2011, 11:52 pm

n closing as with any modification's "Your doing this at your own risk".

Easy to remove the governor - disconnect the governor arm from the top of the engine - OR

1. Remove the side cover no gasket required except for "gray silicone" to re-assemble.

2. Notice on the side cover you'll see a hole where the governor shaft is visible, take a drift punch and remove the entire governor unit this way you don't destroy it.

3. to close that hole take a 1/4X20 tap and run it down into the hole "DO NOT" tap completely threw - use a small set 1/4X20 set screw coat it with some grey silicone tighten the set screw but DO NOT go all the way threw - buy not tapping the hole completely threw the set screw acts as plug that’s all.

4. Now you can either leave the governor arm in place or do the same as mentioned above - remove - and plug

5. WARNING!!!!!!!!!!!!! the stock flywheel magnet on EX13-21 should not exceed 6000 rpm - remember these engines are built for heavy industrial usage rated at 4500rpm. Over revving past the mentioned zone in time will peel the magnet off the flywheel and do damage to the coil -

6. NOW - the EX17 has a shorter stroke and more of a closed combustion chamber then the EX21 all EX cylinder heads will fit each engine problem is the bigger the CC engine the drop in compression ratio SO the cool thing to do is use a 17 head on the 21 block same valve's etc.

Bummer part is the 27 has the biggest of all ports and valves but has a huge chamber which will decrease compression ratio big time. A ton of welding is needed.

You can use a 21 carb but be careful the bigger the carb the losses of off idle signal resulting in a possible flat spot. The bolt hole's change with the 27 carb so you'll need a new curved manifold.

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