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PostBlackScorpion on Thu 02 Dec 2010, 1:27 pm


First, thanks for taking the time to read this (rules stink yes, but we must have a few of them)...

This section of our Forum is solely for personal sales of "used" or "pre-owned" site related items to potential buyers. We offer this only as a benefit to our site viewers/users who wish to purchase or sell their personal pre-owned Go Cart, Mini Bike, ATV, Scooter or Pocket Bike.

Cost or Commission
There is none, how simple is that?

How do I list an item?
Use this format for posting your Go-kart(s) and Parts:

You need to click on the word "SELECT CONTENT" in the box below, copy the highlighted code and paste it into your new message.  Then completely fill out this request form as shown below:

[color=#00A5CD][b]Username on the forum:[/b][/color]
[color=#00A5CD][b]Type of Go-kart:[/b][/color]
[color=#00A5CD][b]Type of Go-kart Part(s):[/b][/color]
[color=#00A5CD][b]Engine Size (In Pixels):[/b][/color]
[color=#00A5CD][b]Secondary Color(s):[/b][/color]  
[color=#00A5CD][b]Detail information regarding the go-kart:[/b][/color]

A completed AD will look like this:

Username on the forum: BlackScorpion
Type of Go-kart: Suspension Buggy, Racing Kart,
Type of Go-kart Part(s): wheels, engine 8hp, go kart frame
Engine Size (In Pixels): Tecumseh, Briggs, Kohler
Color(s): Black, Red Green Blue
Secondary Color(s): Silver pin striping,
Detail information regarding the go-kart: New Carb, new paint job, needs brakes,  damaged light, ect.

(!) It is highly recommended that you add pictures right on the listing. It will be more appealing than "email me for pics". So present your stuff visually!

What can my ad say?
Whatever you need to present it. Please keep proper grammar
You can add as many pictures and text as you need, all we ask is that you do not outside link on an ad (like more pictures here... etc.) Simply post all the info and pics on the ad!

How does a potential buyer get a hold of me?
They will use the "PM" button, this stands for Personal Message. We highly recommend NOT using any posted email names because of the spammers picking up on it.

What delivery arrangements should I make?
Any you want, just state them clearly in your ad (or your terms!). The more flexible you are with your terms the more likely your unit will sell quickly!
i.e. "Will deliver unit to buyer within 200 miles of Tucson AZ" or maybe..
"Buyer must agree to pickup unit at Grand Junction, OH" or include a shipping option... "Can ship to lower 48 states, PM me with your city and zip code and I'll get back to you with an estimate!"

It's up to you if you want to give a personal warranty or guarantee to a buyer. Again clearly state this in your ads "terms" i.e. Unit is guaranteed 100% functional or I will replace any part (not functional) at my expense within 10 days of your receive date (etc.) ...the more you backup your item, the more likely you will have a quick and satisfied sale. Be prepared to backup what you state however!

Site terms on 3rd party sales
Under no circumstances are we (Gokart Bazaar) connected or affiliated with any of the listed sales (or ads) whatsoever. Any information posted should be of genuine authenticity that the seller can back up. No site warranties on 3rd party sales are offered whatsoever. We do NOT take any percentage (commission) of these sales, this is a free service (or listing) offered by Gokart Bazaar to it's valued viewers & site users. Potential Buyers should contact the Sellers directly through the PM (personal message) button only! For your security reasons, please do not post your email, phone number or any personal information directly on your ad. Sellers must notify by post or email to us when the item(s) have been sold so we can tag the post as such.

Basic Posting Rules:
__NO Commercial Sales
__NO site links to outside anything (xtra pics, text pages, site pages etc.)
__NO advertising of items that are not related to this site (ie) Software, Health stimulants, Ronco Vegamatics :)etc.

Thank you, good luck selling (and/or) buying.
BlackScorpion (site founder & owner)

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