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Troubleshooting Your Go Kart Torque Converter Empty

Troubleshooting Your Go Kart Torque Converter

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PostBlackScorpion on Mon 15 Nov 2010, 4:20 pm

A go kart torque converter is known for its efficiency and manageability in off-road racing. Although it is durable, problems ma still surface. Below are some common problems and possible components that need to be checked to get you back on the track.

Kart Moves While Engine Is Idling
If your kart moves while the engine is idle, the drive belt is improperly installed or the wrong drive belt is installed. Make sure that the belt’s flat side is facing the engine and that the length of the belt is not too short. This is also caused by a driver and driven pulley malfunction or an incorrect driver pulley spacing.

Sluggish, Jerky and Poor Acceleration
If your kart is sluggish or jerk, you may have a malfunction in the drive system. This problem also arises when the throttle cable is not properly adjusted, not lubricated, or the drive chain is worn out. The jerking is usually caused when the brake, bearings or axle are binding or dragging and the engine is not functioning properly.

Low Speed
A throttle cable that is not properly adjusted can result in a low speed go kart. This is also caused by the binding or dragging of the brake, bearings or axle, malfunctioning of the drive system, improper tire pressure and the engine not functioning properly.

Belt-edge Cord Breakage
A belt-edge cord breakage occurs when there is a misalignment of the drive system and the belt is not properly installed. The only solution to this problem is to align the system.

Broken or Torn Cogs
Belts that are improperly installed result in the cogs and compression section being broken and torn. When the belt is not installed properly, the belt ends up rubbing on the different parts. Check the drive system components for interference.

Worn-out Belt in Just One Portion
A belt gets worn-out in just one portion when there is excessive slipping of the drive clutch pulley. This is normally caused by a locked track or axle, a clutch that is not operating properly or an idle speed that is too high. The solution to this problem is to rotate the track by hand to free it up, to replace or repair the clutch, or to reduce the engine RPM.

Drive Clutch Turns as the Engine Idles
The drive clutch turns when the engine is idle, when the idle is set too high, when the belt length is too short or your go kart has the wrong drive center dimensions. The solution to this problem is to reduce the engine RPM and to check the application specifications.

Belt is Concave on Sides
If the belt is concave, it is usually a sign that your kart has run out on the drive clutch pulley. The solution to this problem is to repair or replace the drive clutch and increase center distance.

Belt Disintegration
The belt disintegrates when there is excessive belt speed. This can be solved by reducing the RPM at high speed.

High Speed Belt "Roll Over"
This problem is caused by a pulley system that is out of line. This problem also arises when the belt speed is too high or when there is too much run out on the drive clutch. This is solved by aligning the system, reducing the RPM and replacing and repairing the drive clutch.

Posts : 859
Join date : 2010-11-05
Location : Englishtown, New Jersey

PostBlackScorpion on Mon 01 Aug 2016, 2:27 am

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